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RE - In Our School


This page highlights some of the many wonderful RE lessons, hymn practises,  class and whole school liturgies  and creative RE lessons we have at St Marys. 

Prayer Vigil held for Ukraine 2022

Years 1-6 hymn practice

Key Stage 2 classes liturgies about Ukraine. Praying for peace.

Being more creative in Religion with our RE assessments. 
Children did their own versions of the Easter story; Year 3 did The Last Supper, Year 4 did Peter’s denial, Year 5 the soldier’s point of view and Year 6 did Mary at the crucifixion.

Reception Easter Liturgy

Palm Sunday
This week Nursery & Reception have been learning about Palm Sunday. During this week’s Liturgy we re enacted Jesus’ triumphant parade into Jerusalem & talked about why it was such a happy celebration.

Lent Liturgy
Today Nursery & Reception gathered for our Lent Liturgy. We talked about preparing for Easter & trying to be more like Jesus by following in his footsteps. As part of our Lent promises we promised to be kind, to share, to be helpful and to be a good friend.

Spontaneous meeting with the nuns, when we had to stick to our bubbles  - we sang each other a hymn and we taught them how to sign.

Discussing Pentecost.

EYFS Advent Liturgy

Today we took part in our Advent Liturgy and we reflected on the ways in which we are preparing for the birth of Jesus Christ. We also read the Nativity story and talked about the special night that Jesus was born.


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about Diwali & how this special festival is celebrated. We decorated our own diva lamps, designed mehndi hand patterns, painted Rangoli patterns & listened to Dipal's story of how he celebrates Diwali with his family.

Collective Worship - I am special!

In Nursery we have been learning about how special we are and how wonderfully made we all are by God. We gathered for a collective worship to reflect on how special and unique we are and to thank God for making us in his image. The children made looking glasses so they could see themselves and talked about what makes them special. We sang our morning hymn I am Special!

Nursery Autumn RE Display 

October 2020

Celebrating Harvest

Nursery have enjoyed learning all about Harvest & finding out about where some of their fruit and vegetables come from. We also offered prayers to thank all those that help to harvest our crops and for those less fortunate than ourselves in our own local community and across the world.

GIFT Team, Missionary Team Visit, Visit from Father, Holy Communion