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St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary

We love God, We love learning, We love each other...

Religious Education Curriculum


St Mary's is a Catholic school and we keep the Catholic Faith at the centre of our lives. We recognise and value that each member of our community is special and unique. Religious Education at St Mary's respects and promotes each child's capacity for awe, wonder, reverence and spirituality. 

Our School Mission is at the heart of everything we do at St Marys.

We love God ... so we follow examples of Jesus.

We love learning ... so we always do our very best.

We love each other ... so we treat each other as we want to be treated.

  St Mary's RE Policy 2022

Collective Worship Policy

Developmental Prayer Programme

St Mary's RSHE Policy 2022

 St Mary's SMSC Policy 2022

Come and See - RE Curriculum

RE is taught across the whole school following the scheme 'Come and See'. 'This scheme helps children along their individual faith journeys and develop their religious literacy. During each year, all children cover the following 9 themes/topics: 

  • Domestic Church - Family
  • Baptism/Confirmation - Belonging
  • Advent/Christmas - Loving
  • Local Church - Community
  • Eucharist - Relating
  • Lent/Easter - Giving
  • Pentecost - Serving
  • Reconciliation - Inter-relating
  • Universal Church - World 

  Come and See Whole School Plan

At the start of  new theme, children are asked to consider a 'big question' to gather together any prior knowledge and to offer children time to consider the theme. Examples of these questions can be found here

Come and See Big Questions

Liturgical Year

Alongside the 'Come and See' scheme, we develop the children's understanding of the Liturgical Year. 

Liturgical Calendar 

In school we have RE displays on a neutral background, bordered by the colour of the Liturgical year. Prayer corners have the corresponding coloured cloth and symbols fitting for the season. We teach and encourage children to use these when creating their own liturgies.  

Click here to find out more about the Liturgical Year.

Saint's Days and Feast Days 

Throughout the year we remember and celebrate different Saint's Days and Feast Days. 

Other Faiths

During the Spring Term each year group is taught about Judaism. 

EYFS - Hanukkah

Year 1 - Abraham and Moses

Year 2 - Shabbat

Year 3 - The Synagogue

Year 4 - The Torah

Year 5 - Pesach

Year 6 - Yom Kippur


During the Summer term each year group is taught about Islam

EYFS - Prayer Mats

Year 1 - Muhammad

Year 2 - Prayer at home

Year 3 - The Mosque

Year 4 - The Qur'an

Year 5 - Ramadan and Pilgrimage 

Year 6 - Guidance for Muslims